RAITO is the Japanese translation of "light". People's first impression of light would be the color white, meanwhile light actually has 7 different colors in the light specturm- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (ROYGBIV); it is the "journey" or light, transitioning from one color to the other until you found the "RAITO", the truth.

violent uncontrollable anger.
"her face was distorted with rage"

Find an angry spot inside you. We know, there's probably more than one, its hard, but just pick one.

That is a bench full of sunshine - sit down and let warmth and joy flow from your butt to your heart.

After sitting down for 5 minues, pick a balloon and release unnecessary remaining negative energy into a space of your choice.
Tip: watching it float away in the vast blue sky for a few minutes might be a good idea.

"Sometimes all you have to do is sit down, watch your anger flare and let it fly like a balloon."

When We Were Young
An aquarium of memories. Lost but not forgotten. A place so near but yet impossible to relive.

Light exists all around us, most of the time, we just forget that they do. Just like the good people in our lives.